CHARLESTON, S.C., Feb. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/

With 2.1 million annual weddings, millions of annual birthday parties and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and a $5+ billion corporate event industry in the US, the importance of event entertainment has never been higher. However, photo booths, a staple of event entertainment, are innovating at a much slower pace compared to industry growth. Largely focused on photo editing features and different styles of photo capturing, advancements in the photo booth industry have ultimately left the owners of these booths competing in a rapidly commoditizing market. Racket, Inc. is redefining what a 21st century entertainment booth should offer with its patent-pending, proprietary technology. By placing equal focus on photo, video, and audio capturing ability, the Racket Studio is disrupting the photo booth’s main premise: that people are satisfied with simply taking photos to remember their special moments.

Racket VS. Major Photo Booth Companies

Racket, Inc. matches the competitors’ photo functions on every level, and by adding video messaging and karaoke video, Racket has added an entirely new dimension to the entertainment booth playing field. “Special events like weddings and parties are inherently social in nature,” said Allan Jones, CEO of Racket Inc. “By providing guests varied media to co-create, the Racket Studio is the ideal tool to live the moment, create something special, and remember and share the experience with those you care about.”

The US karaoke market’s traditional setting is mainly in bars and in front of random strangers. The karaoke booth concept is more intimate yet remains socially oriented. While karaoke booths have gained major popularity across Asia, with some landing in larger US cities, Racket is the first company to add a video recording component to this experience. By focusing on the event entertainment market, Racket is using musical memories to help people engage with some of their most important life-moments.